The Importance Of Pronunciation For Language Learners

pron2Pronunciation is very much a “must” skill for any English language learner.  There are many important reasons all students need to focus on correct form and pronunciation. Here are 3 very important ones.

1.  Perceived Competence.    Many native speakers will think a second language English speaker has a low level of fluency if their pronunciation is incorrect.  This can cost you a job, a relationship or just be plain frustrating.

2.  Clarity & Intelligibility.  Being understood.  Communication, especially in today’s international world of school and business is so important. Your pronunciation mistakes may imped you from being understood and affect your results at school and in business.

3.  Pronunciation helps you acquire English faster.   Yes, it is true.  The earlier you focus and master the basics of English pronunciation, the faster you’ll become fluent. Our ear is so important in this process and focusing on clearly hearing and then speaking the sounds of English leads to large gains in fluency later on.

It’s difficult for teachers to spend enough time on pronunciation with students. So many students in the class, each with different needs. However, self-study can solve this problem and offer a personalized solution.  EnglishCentral provides many possibilities for students to improve their pronunciation. Here are some big tips!

1.  Visit your pronunciation profile and do the practice lessons for the sounds that you are weak or average  in (red and yellow).  Click HERE to visit your profile.


Every student after speaking 100 lines will have a pronunciation profile on EnglishCentral. It is located in the progress bar at the top right of every page.  You’ll see your rank compared to all other non-native speakers. On your pronunciation page, you can study a pronunciation course by clicking on the tiles and starting the course.  Our pronunciation expert Pamela will walk you through the basics for the sound and you can practice with real video examples after.  Practice makes perfect!

* if you are a teacher, you’ll get a full pronunciation profile of every student in your reports!

2.  Practice in the video lesson.   We take both an intensive and extensive approach to pronunciation on EnglishCentral. Extensive in that every video lesson that you speak, offers you practice in pronunciation! It will build your confidence and make sure to

    a.  Repeat lines that you get as yellow or red.  You’ll be prompted by our system and also hear your own attempt for comparison.

      b.  If advanced, try turning off the transcript and speaking without reading, just by memory of the line. Just change the setting in the video player.  It will tune your listening skills which are part of your pronunciation toolkit.  Half of pronunciation is learning to hear words clearly, as spoken.


3.  Visit and take our courses on pronunciation and review all our video lessons focused on pronunciation.  Go HERE to get them all. Courses or video lessons at your finger tips for intensive practice. If your first language is one of our site languages – take the top 10 challenge course for your mother tongue, it will help you lots!


Our pronunciation instructional videos can also be found in full on EnglishCentral.  Good luck with your teaching or learning of pronunciation.


  1. Paul Beaufait says:

    Another great post for both learners and teachers!

    However, I wonder if you can point out or provide details to amplify the suggestion in tip 2.b., “Just change the setting in the video player.”

    Cheers, Paul


  2. Nur Komariah says:

    thanks for your useful explanation



  1. […] of learning a new language. Pronunciation can be a big issue.  In class this week we learned the importance of correcting pronunciation early on as otherwise it becomes ingrained behaviour and more difficult to […]


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