5 tech tips for learning English online

homeworkLearning English online has some differences (but many similarities) with learning English on the street or face to face with a teacher. Here are our top 5 “tech” tips for students (and teachers).

We hope they help many out there!


checkmark21. Go mobile, use apps.

Yes, this simple thing makes a HUGE difference. Online doesn’t mean just at school or at home. It could be while waiting for a friend, on the bus, sitting in the park. Learning is everywhere possible and the simple difference of using your mobile device equals more opportunity, more time learning and thus more results. EnglishCentral has the apps, use them!


checkmark22.  Set Goals. 

Those who learn well, know how to set and achieve goals.  Language learning is all about consistency and nothing keeps you more “on track” than weekly goals.  There are a number of apps out there to keep you on track fortunately.  Try Goal Tracker (Android) or Strides (iOS). Or just use plain old paper and pen and tick off if you’ve met your goals each week.   On EnglishCentral, teachers set goals for students and push them to make weekly progress.



3.   Challenge Yourself.   Yes, to really learn well, you have to step it up, get out of your comfort zone. That’s what it will take to become comfortable communicating in English.  How to do so?  We’ll, it can be as simple as reading or watching something a little higher than you think.  Or what about on EnglishCentral, hiding the subtitles and listening to the videos without these aids?  Or do the Learn mode without subtitles! Whatever you do, be sure to keep the carrot out in front                                          of your nose, make learning challenging.



4.   Find the right content.   Just any old English language input or content won’t work. You’ll get demotivated. You’ll study but without energy, spark and no learning will result. Find stuff that is in English that you love, are interested in and which excites you!  Fortunately with over 10,000 video lessons and dozens new weekly, you’ll get this on EnglishCentral. Whether you are a golf fanatic or love technology – you’ll find language learning material that sparks your learning.



5.  Get A Teacher.    This might not seem like a “tech tip” but it is.  Teachers can now be found online and through skype. Further, they can blend curriculum and provide you with the motivation and content to really keep you on track and making progress.  Find a teacher and the sky is the limit!



  1. Hey I like these tips!
    If I may recommend, http://www.ted.com is an excellent resource for online learning with the transcripts and subtitles. Perhaps best for the intermediate and above.
    Good luck to everyone learning English!


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