Get More Speaking Points!

speakpromptWhen students use EnglishCentral, they really like our “SPEAK” mode.  Many teachers also assign “speak points” as a goal for their students to achieve each week or month.

By default, when students use EnglishCentral, they speak the lines with “focus vocabulary” that are in the video. This can be 3 to 5 lines.  This allows students to do many more video lessons with less speaking of lines.

However, students can easily change this and speak more lines, get more speak points! This will help them do more speaking in each video and acquire more speak points.

Students simply have to click the settings button on the video player and change the video player settings. Uncheck / deselect the “Focus Speak Mode” and from then on, students can speak all the lines in a video.

** be careful. If there is a goal of speaking 5 videos / week. Students will have to speak all the lines in a video to get credit for speaking a video, if the focused speak mode is deselected.


all lines


  1. Thank you so much for this Get More Speaking Points post (ENGLISHCENTRAL, 2015.01.27) about how Focus[ed] Speak[ing] Mode mode works.

    It’s wonderful to know that it’s ON by default, and controlled by individual learners (as Ryo pointed out in Kumamoto a day or so ago:-).

    There are a few related questions that I’d like to ask, first about learners’ My Class views and then about administrators’ and teachers’ views and affordances.

    1. Would learners see any indication near the speaking progress pie-charts on their class pages that focus mode is either OFF or ON?

    2. When it’s OFF, I imagine there would be closer correspondence (approx. 1:1000) between the learners’ pie-charts for videos spoken and their pie-charts for speaking points than when focus mode is ON. Is that a fair generalization?

    3. When administrators and teachers view students in lists, will they see any indication that focus mode is either ON or OFF for individual learners, groups, or classes?

    4. Last but perhaps not least for now, will administrators and teachers be able to either change the default, or toggle focus mode OFF and ON, for individual learners, groups and classes?

    Thank you again for your consideration.


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