Publishing 3.0

ec freshWhen I was first teaching in the late 80s and early 90s, I dreamed of  getting and using excellent authentic content in my classes.  Textbooks at the time (and now also)  were out of date by the time they hit the classroom. VHS tapes of videos dated even quicker.  The only real content that was constantly up to date and current was through the newspaper or magazines. But that took a lot of time and effort to design lessons around. Plus,  these lessons would be “one off”. As a teacher with 8 – 45min classes / day, I couldn’t even start to use newspapers regularly in my classes.

In a word – publishers offered stodgy, old, stale stuff.  I needed something fresh, exciting, so inviting to me (and my students).  You know the song ……

I partied like it was 1999 and then around 2002, the promise of technology came!  Suddenly there was media available online, through the internet…. Wow! It even got better. Teachers could share the media and download it off the web.  Teachers could become digital curriculum designers.  Publishers even climbed on board the technology train and began to offer digital content that could be edited, swapped in and out, highlighted etc… I became a Discovery Star Educator, using exciting videos in my classes with real language.  The sky was the limit.

However, soon reality hit and web 2.0 ground to a halt. Teachers still shared, social media was still part of a good teacher’s toolkit, however, the same fundamental issue remained – the content soon became stale, not exciting or fresh. And to keep producing new stuff was impossible for Joe teacher. Publishers too gave up.  Discovery stopped producing new content and concentrated on selling the old.  More profit in just producing one thing and selling the same thing with little tweaks, for years. More profit in worksheets and new tech “bobbles”, forget content.  But still content is king ….

My dream of something fresh, exciting, so inviting was on the rocks ………….

But then along came EnglishCentral. As a teacher in the trenches and versed in technology, I realized the main value of EnglishCentral. A publisher that would constantly produce new, up to the minute, now content for language learners and teachers.  Yes, so much else to EnglishCentral but as a teacher – this is what I value most – the 20 to 30 weekly, new, fresh, exciting, so inviting video lessons produced.

It’s publishing 3.0. Not just using data, but publishing content that is timely, relevant, necessary. Language moves, changes, evolves as does culture.  No other publishers does this.  No other publisher allows teachers to select from constantly updated, fresh content and assign them to students to study. EnglishCentral didn’t give up on the promise of technology, the promise to keep our curriculum fresh, exciting, so inviting …….   And that is why I’ve worked so hard to bring EnglishCentral to the ELT world and help teachers realize the value of the platform.

So, in the name of the above, here are our latest EC video lessons from this week alone! So fresh, so exciting, so inviting to me (and you and your students).

VOA60: French Hostage Crisis Ends News
VOA60: AirAsia Plane’s Recorders Found News
VOA60: French President Honors Victims News
A New Threat to Earth Science
Where Does Your Time Go? Daily Life, Technology
See What Others Don’t Business Profession, Companies, Finance
Pay With a Palm Scanner Technology
World Without Food Science Commercials, Science
Smart Clothes Are Coming Science, Technology
Japan‘s Action Star: Hiroyuki Sanada Celebrities, Movies
Japan‘s Top Model Celebrities, TV & Radio Interviews
Drive a Rechargeable Car Technology
12 Famous Movie Quotes Movies
An Advice to Asian Actors Celebrities, TV & Radio Interviews
Going Off the Grid Commercials, Comedy
Sneaky Husband Commercials, Comedy
Foods that Fight Colds Health

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