Get The Free EnglishCentral App!

google-playEnglishCentral is  available as an Android or iOS app for smartphones and tablets!   Students can now Watch, Learn, Speak from their mobile devices. Mobile learning dramatically increases student study time and gets results.

Here is the most recent data on increases in student engagement, comparing students who study on both mobile and web versus web only:

1. Engagement.   Students are almost 2 times more engaged if they also practice from the mobile devices.   Mobile access gives them the ability to “snack” and practice at more times and places during their day.  Compared to students who use the web only,  we see big increases in study completion rates:

  • Watch completion rate increase:  54.0% ↑

  • Learn completion rate increase:   91.5% ↑

  • Speak completion rate increase:  185.0%↑

  • Overall WLS completion rate increase: 178.0% ↑

2. Improved Speech Feedback.  Smartphones  have high quality microphones that provide high quality audio for our IntellispeechSM  assessment system thereby giving  more accurate feedback to learners . A much improved study experience!

A few more things to note about the app:

* Teachers can still get all student progress data of their students mobile practice by logging into their Teacher Tools on the web.  Progress is synced in near real-time across all devices..

*  Students can find any video lessons or courses assigned by their teacher on mobile through the top drop down menu.

*  Vocab Quiz.  Our vocab quiz is not yet in the app version.  For the moment, students have to complete the vocab quiz on the web.



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