New Academic WordLists: A New Course

academic vocabTwo Important New Word Lists

In 2013, EnglishCentral’s Senior Science and Pedagogy Advsior, Dr. Charles Browne, and his colleagues created one of the most important list of vocabulary words for second language learners that has been published in the past 6 decades.

The new list is derived from the 2 billion word Cambridge English Corpus (CEC), and is known as the New General Service List or NGSL ( The 2800 high-frequency words of the NGSL offer learners more than 90% coverage of all the words they would meet in any books, magazines or newspapers of general English, quite a feat considering the English language is made up of more than 600,000 words!

For students who need to function in academic settings such as universities and colleges in English speaking countries, Dr. Browne and his colleagues also published another list of words known as the New Academic Word List or NAWL ( The 960 words of the NAWL represent the most frequent and important words of academic English and are designed to work in conjunction with the NGSL word list. When combined with the NGSL words, knowledge of the two lists of words gives learners more than 92% coverage of academic texts, journals and lectures.

The entire NGSL and NAWL lists are both now available for systematic study as vocabulary courses at EnglishCentral. Words learning is contextualized through the use of authentic videos and multiple aspects of word knowledge are taught making use of a wide variety of activities including use of EnglishCentral’s voice recognition system and spaced-repetition learning. Links to the courses are here. Check them out!

EnglishCentral NGSL Course         |       EnglishCentral NAWL Course

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