Foundation Courses: Introducing EC 1 – 7

ec-1-7 thumbnailWe are excited to announce our full set of CEFR Leveled Foundation courses, now available on the site for all to study or for teachers to assign to their students based on the student’s level of English.

These courses represent the best of our content based on student completion data. Guaranteed to engage students to the max!  As students complete the units, they finish with our vocabulary quiz, recycling vocabulary learning.

These courses make it easy for schools and institutions to use EnglishCentral. Simply create 7 classes for each level of student and add the courses to the class page. Students enroll in the appropriate class (or schools/teachers can pre-enroll students).

Each course also comes with a study wordlist of the focus vocabulary for each course.  Find the courses in our course catalog or by clicking on the course image below.

Download The Course Brochure   |   Download The Course Wordlists








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