Teachers are students too!

teach2It’s good to be reminded of the fact that teachers are students too.

On EnglishCentral we haven’t forgotten and have specially designed our platform so that teachers (with a teacher’s account) can both view, study and enroll in their own classes. Classes that learn together, stay together!

There are millions of NNESTs (non native English speaking teachers) who are busy studying and improving their English language fluency so to benefit their teaching and students.  On EnglishCentral we support teachers and our paid / academic premium programs gives the teachers of the school full access to EnglishCentral for their own study.

It’s easy to do for teachers.

  • Simply make a class, invite students and invite yourself as a student, entering your email address like any other student. Your class will show up on your My Classes list.  You’ll see yourself in the class list and reports. Get busy studying!


  • Another way is to not even enroll in a class, just study freestyle.  Simply click “View My Class” at the top of the Teacher Tools and then start studying. Or go to the video catalog and start studying any of the new video lessons or course.


So teachers, make us of your access and improve your English! We are here to support you.  When one teaches, two learn!

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