Educational Technology: Then & Now

Do you remember its name?

EnglishCentral is a leader in the use of educational technology and in particular video for language learning. It’s exciting, so new.  But it is useful for us when developing new technology, to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, so we may better orient towards where we are heading.

Technology has been used in education since the first teacher scratched a drawing on a rock face.  What’s interesting is how it has evolved and spread so that it is ubiquitous, in the background, taken for granted.

That’s the point we need to reach – so the use of the technology doesn’t interfere at all with the learning.  As easy to use as a pencil and paper….

Here is a presentation I put together showing the history of  educational technology. Also a nice infographic detailing some of the same.

You might also see our infographic on The History Of The Language Lab.  Also, this post: Old vs New Technologies.



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