Top Tips To Learn A Language

Weekly-Tips-ImageIt isn’t easy learning a language. I’ve learned 3 of them and had success in 3 completely different ways! I’m going to work on a fourth and probably will stumble along with a 4th method.

What this means is “to each his own”. We have to find what works for us. However, along the way, I’ve stumbled upon a few “key” ideas, almost secrets – so obvious as to be blind to many. Here they are in one nice presentation to motivate all you language learners!  The biggest tip is “a little goes a long way” –  be consistent and study a little each day. Make learning and using EnglishCentral a habit – you’ll get there for sure.  The top student on EnglishCentral, Piroska can be some inspiration and has a few tips too!

Let me know what you think and what worked for you as a language learner. Which tip do you feel is the strongest?

This presentation also has some outstanding tips!


  1. I recommend you an old wise Hungarian proverb how can you succesfully learn
    foreign languages:
    ” Repetition the mother of the knowledge.”


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