The Power Of Reading

seussI bet you didn’t know that there are many schools using EnglishCentral to  help their students learn to read. There are.

Too often we think of “watching” as a skill that only improves listening. However, add  “same language subtitles” plus EnglishCentral’s core functionality of speech feedback and phoneme (sound) by phoneme presentation of words/phrases, and you’ve got a powerful way of helping students learn to read. Videos are the new books!

There are presently a number of schools using EnglishCentral to help kindergarten and early grade school English L1 children learn to read. We’re proud of that.  (see our narrative driven k-12 Let’s Learn courses for some great content for early readers).  But second language learners are also benefiting and gaining crucial phonemic awareness by using EnglishCentral. In essence, students  are learning to read English as a second language as well as improving intensive listening and speaking skills.

So enjoy using EnglishCentral to help you learn to read English or help your students learn to read English.  Reading is a key skill in helping students acquire English  (read more about “Extensive Watching” ) and opening up a world of signs.  Here’s an inspiring video highlighting the power of reading. Also this baby will amaze you. Enjoy!

PS. Teachers can do no wrong by looking at the journal, “Reading In A Foreign Language” edited by Richard Day at the U. of Hawaii.


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