EC In Action In Taiwan

taiwanEnglishCentral is currently being highlighted in a number of schools in Taiwan.

In partnership with New Moon Education and in co-operation with the English Education Resource Center of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, EnglishCentral is holding demonstration classes at a number of schools throughout the country.  The goal is to promote a new set of textbooks developed by New Moon Publishing in which EnglishCentral video lessons play a central role.

Most recently, the Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi-Nan University held a demo class.  Students studied a lesson based on the theme “Cycling In Taiwan” and the focus was the EnglishCentral video lesson – What Is Bicycle Travel.  Students used the book along with the video lesson shown in class.  In the afternoon, there was a teacher training session where teachers learned more about EnglishCentral and the new book series.

Our thanks to all students and staff who participated and made the classes a success.  In particular, thanks to Pearl Chang, who led the class and runs the language center and Richard Roshay who ran the teacher training sessions.  Here are a few photos from the day.





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