October 2014 Newsletter

We have a busy few months ahead as we get ready to attend many conferences, launch our mobile apps for education and begin expansion into many new markets. It’s exciting and the future really is now, for video based language learning. Here are a few new things we might consider along the way.

mobile1. Mobile Learning: Best Practices
EnglishCentral will release its free mobile apps for Android and iOS next month. To get the most out of a mobile curriculum on EnglishCentral or any other curriculum properly for mobile learning – teachers need to think of some important issues.

What exactly are the best practices for mobile learning?

Read more here >>.

Unknown2. In The News
Our new guest blogger James Carpenter outlines some great thoughts about pronounciation, accents, CPH (critical period hypothesis) and just exactly what proper pronunciation really mean. We look forward to more insightful posts by James.

Read it here >>

nina3. EnglishCentral Users Speak Up:

Nina Hanakova, school owner and private language teacher in Brno, Czech Republic

“In my group course, I promote competition. I use the speaking point system on EnglishCentral as part of the criteria to win the competition. I find that those who most engage with EnglishCentral tend to win the contest and make the largest amount of progress.”

Read more about how Nina uses EC >>

50-trial-seats4. Have You Activated Your Teacher Trial?

We offer all registered teachers a one time teacher trial where you can use EnglishCentral in full with 50 students for a month. No restrictions, no limitations. A $1,500 value.

Apply here >>>

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Teachers Are Heroes

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We’ve Got Grammar!

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