Copying A Class

copyThis time of year when teachers are starting new classes, we get asked often, “How can I just copy a class and save myself a lot of time?”

It’s actually quite easy and on EnglishCentral we make it even easier than most LMSs (Learning Management Systems) .

Here are the steps you should take to very quickly get new students using the same course that you set up the previous semester / year / term.

1.  Go to the School – Class – Manage – Students page in the Teacher Tools

2.  Remove Academic Premium from the old students.   If the school purchased Premium seats for students, you should remove the seats to use with the next cohort of students. Select the students. Select Manage Seats – Remove.

3.  Remove the old students from the class.  On the class list, select all students and then Manage Students – Remove Student. All students will be removed. This does not delete their EnglishCentral account. Students will still have access to EnglishCentral outside the class.

4.  Add new students.  You have 2 options.  Click the Enroll Students button and have students go to the class page URL and enroll or use our invite system and entering email addresses, enroll the students yourself.

That’s it! All the curriculum you selected before will be there for the next intake of students. The class page stays the same, same goals, same video content ready to go.


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