September 2014 Newsletter


Dear EnglishCentral Teachers,

fbgroupThank you to all the many teachers who have joined us on our Facebook Teachers Group.

We’ll continue to update you all in the group.  Also answer any questions you may have and also share tips. Let’s work together. 



  1.   Have you activated your teacher trial?   

50-trial-seatsWe offer all registered teachers a one time teacher trial where you can use EnglishCentral in full with 50 students for a month. No restrictions, no limitations. A $1,500 value.



 Apply here >>>>>



  1.  20111010_learningrevolutionarticleIn The News

There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of using technology in schools. We recently highlighted 3 articles that outline very well the breadth of the debate.

Read more >>>>


  1. ec-1-7 EC 1 – 7  CEFR Leveled Courses.

We will soon launch on the site, a set of CEFR leveled courses highlighting our best content. Get a preview and read about them further.  A perfect solution for assigning study to your leveled class!

Download the pdf guide >>>>





  1. duncan2EnglishCentral Users Speak Up:

Duncan in Hong Kong.

“I noticed they were viewing and completing much more work than I had originally set them and saw they were watching a lot of movies, environmental and current events videos. This is great as EnglishCentral proved to be a real gateway to knowledge and not just a language tool.”

Read more and download the case study  >>>>


5.   Recommended New Stuff

Love Of Learning

Love Of Learning



Happy Teaching & Learning,

David Deubelbeiss

Director of Education

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