The Learning Revolution Is In The News

20111010_learningrevolutionarticleEnglishCentral is a platform on the forefront of the new “learning revolution” (as so labeled by Sir Ken Robinson).

A couple recent articles in the news have highlighted a few things we do well and emphasize. We’d like to share them with you and they reinforce our pedagogical principles quite well.

1. The Value and Ascent of video in learning.
Especially in language learning, video brings so much context, so much learning possibility, it is replacing text as the fundamental media by which students learn. The infographic below outlines this so well. (also this blog post).

2. Self Directed Learning is transforming teaching and learning.
Especially with language, the old stand and deliver type of classroom experience is not effective at all. Technology is allowing more student time on task and “deep” study through SDL (self-directed learning). Yes, the classroom is still important but it must be balanced with time spent by students studying on their own, motivated on their own, with level appropriate, paced and personalized curriculum. The old, everyone together on the same page attitude is waning. This article from Wired, interestingly highlights these points – Rethinking Education: Self-Directed Learning Fits The Digital Age.

The Telegraph also has an article sharing some similar thoughts – Digital Learning: How Technology Is Transforming Teaching.

why you should use video in your classroom

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