Google Classroom + EnglishCentral

Classroom_by_Google_blueAs one of the original Google Ventures – GV, EnglishCentral has always highly valued the role Google plays in education. Tools such as google docs, google sites and google hangouts have been invaluable to teachers around the globe. Google Apps for education and especially the low cost, versatile Chromebook have revolutionized how students learn in schools. We highly recommend Chromebooks, using them in conjunction with EnglishCentral.

Now Google has released “Google Classrooms”. It’s an LMS (Learning Management System) where you can invite students and then give them assignments to complete. It’s very simple and functional, like all google products – even blending in the use of google docs (no need to attach files!). It makes a great option for many schools that currently don’t have an LMS.

However, there are a few “wrinkles” teachers should be aware of before begining. We think it could be a valuable tool for teachers to assign EnglishCentral video lessons – so here’s a brief summary of how to get started using Google Classroom and giving EnglishCentral video assignments.

1. You’ll need a Google Apps account to use Classroom.  Go to Google Classroom and  Go to the sign up page and get an account.

google apps


2.  Click on + in the top right to create (your first) classroom!  Enter the class name and click “Create”.  For example: EnglishCentral Listening & Speaking 1  (also take the tour to learn more – customize the class header etc …)

google classroom

3.  Add assignments or make announcements. You can attach links or documents from drive, add videos etc….  Also set the deadline / due date for the assignment to be completed or submitted.

Here, just enter a link to the EnglishCentral videos or videos you want the students to complete for the week. The Classroom will act like your own EnglishCentral class page.   Teachers only additionally have to invite students to the EnglishCentral classroom and then monitor the reports there.

You can also have online discussions through “comments”. A great way to get students discussing the EnglishCentral video lessons!

You can also grade students and set a point value for the assignment. Optionally, leave the assignment ungraded.  In your stream, you’ll have all your assignments and announcements.


4.  Invite Students.  It’s simple, each class when made creates a class code. Just share the code with students and when they enter it, their in!  This video tutorial shows the various ways students can get into a class.

However, strong caveat!  Students must have an email address with the same domain (ending) as the email server you set up when signing up for Google apps and creating the class.  If not, you’ll have to make one for them and then invite them to their new email account. Same goes for inviting students directly from your teacher email contacts. You need to make students one of your email contacts and then add them to class.

class codeAdd / Invite students individually by making their account. Give everyone the same password – each student when they first sign in will be asked to change it.  Also (recommended), you can download a .csv file google provides, fill in the first 4 columns with your student data (first/last name, email address, password).  They’ll be added to the class and when students sign in to their new google account with your email client (example. ).


This video tutorial is really comprehensive and clear – highly worth the time to watch if you want to use Google Classroom at your school!   Enjoy using Classroom and assigning EnglishCentral video lessons there!

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