Recent Student Feedback

iloveenglishcentral1We continually gather feedback from both teachers and students. It is vital information that allows  us to continually improve EnglishCentral.

We thought it would be nice to share with you today some of the recent positive comments from one school (anonymously of course and translated from the original language).  This is what some first year university students said about us:

Tell me what you think is good about EC please.

  • EC catches our pronunciation
  • Because of many kinds of videos, we can learn by ourselves.
  • Each video was really attractive, just like my favorite movies and speeches from famous people. Contents were also appropriate for my English level.
  • EXP point system motivates me.
  • It is the best textbook for ever.
  • Able to listen and learn many times
  • We can check not only spell but also pronunciation.Ranking system also motivates us.Contents were attractive as well.
  • I’m so impressed that EC has many kinds of videos like Anime and business.
  • When clicking on subtitles, there appears like a dictionary.So easy to understand words quickly.
  • EC corrects my pronunciation.Word video quiz is useful.
  • Many kinds of videos are attractive. Also EC can record my pronunciation.
  • Better than buying English textbooks!
  • In 1 video, I can learn reading, listening, speaking, and vocab equally.Ranking page is also attractive and motivating.
  • We can learn English with attractive videos without stress. Especially, at the speaking mode, we can start by imitating English.
  • We can continue learning words until  we master them.
  • We can learn English with attractive videos .Learn mode and watch mode are really good with my English Level.
  • I didn’t feel bored at all because of the attractive videos.
  • I was so glad to learn with native English like “steve jobs videos”
  • EXP points were helpful to recognize how much I studied on EC.
  • Although some error happened, learning English with videos is totally different from that with textbook.
  • While I was listening, subtitles were really helpful.Ranking system in the class motivated me a lot.
  • As a teacher, It’s so good to administrate student’s records.
  • When I encounter some new words, I clicked on them and assigned them to the lists. This was really helpful. Subtitles were really helpful.Because of many kinds of videos, I didn’t get bored at all.
  • I was able to understand my pronunciation level and watch some parts of foreign news.
  • Classified videos were attravtive. I was able to not only learn english but also understand cultures and society.Ranking system was also helpful to understand which level I am in EC.
  • I’ve never experienced this kind of learning system before .Therefore it’s really fresh  and rewarding.

Thinking about using EnglishCentral at your school this coming fall?  Contact us and we’ll get you set up and answer all your questions!

Would you like to give your students a survey after they’ve used EnglishCentral?  Here’s a nice survey form you can use. Student satisfaction survey

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