August 2014 Newsletter


Dear EnglishCentral Teachers,

fbgroupWe hope you like our new looking newsletter.  It will be ready for reading every first Monday of the month. We’ll be doing our best to keep you informed with important information about EnglishCentral and also using technology in your classroom.  Join our Facebook group for teachers and get more involved!


  1.  Webinar Aug 6th  

Evaluating Educational Technology.  Get more info and

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  1. level up Instant Feedback Works!  New Research.

New research is showing that a focus on form and particularly providing immediate phonological feedback produces dramatic results.

Read more >>>>


  1. visuals The Power of Visuals – Research.  An excellent article highlighting the power of images. What we do best!

Go here >>>


  1. carlaEnglishCentral Users Speak Up:

Carla Arena, Technology Co-ordinator, Casa Thomas Jefferson outlines why EC is their preferred choice.  

View here >>>>

Teacher Testimonial


5. Recommended New Stuff

Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Famous Speeches

Famous Speeches

Happy Teaching & Learning,

David Deubelbeiss

Director of Education

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