EnglishCentral Takes Off In Taiwan


EnglishCentral partners with New Moon Education

Boston, MA and Taipei, Taiwan, July 09, 2014 –  New Moon Education and EnglishCentral have partnered to offer schools in Taiwan a unique  video-based English language learning service.   EnglishCentral, a Google Ventures funded company, uses the latest in speech recognition and cloud-based video delivery technology to create a fun and effective way to improve English speaking ability.

New Moon has more than 50 years of experience in providing schools in Taiwan, ranging from kindergartens all the way to higher educations, with the best learning materials like books, readers, and online learning systems. It has been devoting itself to introducing powerful, interactive, and effective materials for both teachers and students to create the most friendly learning and teaching environment, to meet the various needs of studying purpose. With the addition of EnglishCentral, New Moon now offers a powerful way for students in Taiwan to practice speaking and listening using authentic video content, track their progress and get instant feedback online, 24/7, in their homes or on the road.  “Thanks to New Moon’s reputation in the higher education market, and their efforts on localizing and packaging EnglishCentral content,  we see great potential for the EnglishCentral service in the Taiwanese market” said John Poon, General Manager of Greater China, EnglishCentral. “Asian learners love EnglishCentral because it’s fun as well as effective. The trendy content and Karaoke-like scoring system are more engaging than other online speaking and listening English language learning products..”

The online courses New Moon offers on EnglishCentral range from high school to university level,  and are for general academic study as well as specific domains, such as Business, Traveling, Engineering…etc.  Students can preview lessons for their upcoming classes with teachers, and then practice listening, speaking and improve their pronunciation after class. Teachers are able to monitor student progress using EnglishCentral’s learning management system, which tracks students’ vocabulary and pronunciation, and allows teachers to listen-in and comment on student speaking sessions.

“We are very happy with our partnership with New Moon Education in Taiwan.  . “From partner launch to adoption, Taiwan has been one of our fastest growing markets; we were blown away by the speed of adoption there,” added Alan Schwartz CEO of EnglishCentral.

Paul Tan, CEO of New Moon is enthusiastic about the new partnership. He states,“EnglishCentral is such a powerful and user-friendly English learning system that perfectly fits the needs of our teachers in Taiwan.  It can be used by students as a self-learning system to develop and improve their abilities in English speaking, listening, and vocabulary learning; or, it can also be used by the teachers as a guided learning system which allows teachers to design different curriculums for students of different English levels.” “. Our partnership with EnglishCentral allows us to set up flexible pricing models and to offer schools trial programs in Taiwan.  . As a result,  no matter how big the size of adoption or the budgetary constraints a school may face, we can always customize  a suitable EnglishCentral package plan for them.”  “Watch, Learn, and Speak on EnglishCentral today, and you will be better in English tomorrow!”

About New Moon Education

Established in 1965, New Moon Education is one of the leading publishers and distributors in Taiwan, dedicated to providing superior books and learning materials for both the English Language Teaching and higher education fields. With more than 80 employees and a strong sales team, we are committed to offering first-rate service to teachers and schools at all levels.  We not only introduce world-class books from well-known international publishers such as Cengage Learning, Harper Collins, McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillan, Oxford University Press and Pearson Education, we also work closely with local professors to produce high-quality books for all learners in Taiwan.  Our mission is to produce excellent publications, provide the best service to our customers, and help them achieve their own learning and improvement goals with New Moon Education products.

About EnglishCentral
EnglishCentral makes improving English language skills fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences. EnglishCentral students can choose from thousands of engaging videos, learn words through our interval-based learning system, and then speak and get instant feedback using our proprietary speech assessment technology.   Students from over 100 countries have spoken over 150 million lines through the EnglishCentral platform.   EnglishCentral Inc. is backed by Google Ventures and headquartered in Arlington, Massachusetts.   For more information, go to www.englishcentral.com.

Press contacts:

Alan Schwartz
CEO, EnglishCentral
+1 617-999-0711

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