Using Video. Upcoming Webinars

video in the classroomUsing video in the classroom isn’t simply a case of  pushing the play button and then sitting back, feet up.  There are a number of things teachers must consider every time in order to effectively use class time.

This week and next, our Director of Education, David Deubelbeiss will give 2 webinars highlighting best practices when using video in your teaching.  The webinars will be practical in focus and use EnglishCentral’s own videos to highlight important points.

It’s easy to attend from the comfort of your home. You just need a web browser!  Here are the dates and details.

1. Virtual Roundtable Conference.   April 26th at 7pm EST.  (see your local time).

Room info, RSVP and more details  here >

2. EnglishCentral special webinar.    April 28th at 11am EST. (see your local time)

Room info. RSVP and more details here>



  1. Anne Smith says:

    Will the webinars be accessible after the live version? The one on April 28th is at 11:00 and I’m teaching at that time. I’m excited to particpate!


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