Let us do all the work!

put-your-feet-up1A teacher’s job is not an easy one. There is so much too do. Lesson plans, resource gathering, meetings, paper work, professional development, organizing, classroom chores, extra curricular things – not to mention the lessons themselves.

We’ve found out that many teachers want to try EnglishCentral but just don’t have the time to really dig into it and get started.  But that’s ok, we’re here to help you out.

We offer all teachers a trial with 50 students for one month.  So for one month you can give students an Academic Premium seat for uninterrupted study on EnglishCentral. Plus, we’ll set it all up for you!  How so?

1.  Contact us at EnglishCentral and tell us you’d like to set up a trial or pilot with your students or for that matter with your whole school or several other teachers.

2.  We’ll set up the school with your school logo and curriculum.

3.  Send us the names of other teachers and we’ll set them up as teachers under the school. They can make classes and invite students to enroll on the class pages.  We can even pre-register and enroll your students if you think that’s helpful.

4.  Students visiting to the class pages automatically get upgraded to Academic Premium and one of the trial seats in your account.

So again, let us do the work for you! Even if you don’t monitor the trial, you are giving a fabulous tool to your students without a penny spent.  We know your students will tell you how valuable EnglishCentral is and that it works .

Just contact us to start your trial and let us do all the work.  And don’t forget – we offer full teacher training and support, if you want to get more involved and learn more.  Plus, join our weekly webinar.

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