Grammar and Pronunciation Help

kenny zWe have released our grammar and pronunciation videos onto our Youtube channel. Get them all HERE. 

The grammar videos explain important grammar points and then provide real video examples from EnglishCentral of these forms. Kenny Z  the “grammar guy”  makes grammar learning fun and effective.

The pronunciation videos are hosted by our pronunciation expert, Pamela.  She shows students how to form each sound and then provides drills and tips for correctly speaking that sound in words – first, middle and final positions.  Besides watching on Youtube, you can also “speak” these videos on EnglishCentral. pron 2Find all them HERE  or also click the pronunciation part of your progress bar and go to these as remedial courses on EnglishCentral.



  1. “Grammar Guy” pronuntiation and grammar videos are fantastic good. The best extra help from English Central.
    I recommend it to everybody who would like to be good at English speaking.!


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