Featured Video: The Monster of the New Year

Nian  Once upon a time, a monster with the body of a bull and the head of a lion roamed the lands and hunted humans for food. Terror came over the land until the villagers found out its weakness. When the ferocious beast came, the people hung red boards on their doors and made fire and lots of noise. The beast got terrified of the villagers’ actions. They repeated this the next year and this ritual was passed down to many generations. This was how the Lunar New Year came into being.

The Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivals celebrated around the world. Streets are filled with loud music and fireworks all day long to celebrate the people’s freedom from Nian, the beast that once ruled the lands. Paper lanterns and dragon dances are paraded on the streets for passersby and locals to watch and enjoy. Food overflows during the New Year than any other time of the year. People perform rituals and religious ceremonies to honor their gods and for thanksgiving.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Find out out more on the Lunar New Year by clicking on the link below.


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