Keeping Language Fit

fitnessIt is the beginning of a new year and if you go to the local gym, no matter where in the world, you’ll see it crowded with many people trying to get fit and fulfill their new year’s resolutions. Inevitably, in a month or even less, the gym will return to its normal half empty state. So many have given up (but paid their money!).

It is the same with language learning. So many learners get motivated at the start of the new course or the new year. They are excited and want to get “language fit”. However, keeping this up, is another matter and it is key.

Keeping “language fit” should not be seen as a quick thing. Slow and steady will win this race! Also, fitness isn’t about only getting there and achieving level “X”. It is about maintenance, about keeping at it, day in and day out, so you don’t decondition. Getting there is half of the journey, staying there is the other half.

Here are some tips to get “language fit” and also stay fit after you get there.

1. Be consistent.

A video a day keeps the teacher away! Language fitness is made not in one big leap but by consistent day in and day out practice.

2. Set Goals.

We make it easy for teachers to set goals for students on their class page. However, students can set their own goals by using “Experience Points”. One video lesson = 100 experience points. So aim for at least 700 Experience points a week. Can you do it? If you believe you can achieve!

3. Learn with others.

Fitness is achieved much better if supported by friends. Find a friend to study with and share scores and thoughts/inspiration of EnglishCentral videos. Friends that study together, learn together and better!

4. Keep a vocabulary journal.

We learn better when we record our progress and difficult vocabulary. If a student can record the vocabulary and take notes of their learning, they’ll stay very language fit!

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  1. Catherine Baker says:

    Great idea – I will definitely try with my students. If they show me their records (and I can verify most of it somehow!), I can give them ‘brownie points’ too!


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