Featured Video: I Dare You

www-wallpapers2012-com-569_104In a changing world where things happen so fast, some things will always remain the same. No matter how hard we try and no matter the effort, some still see women as objects and men as people.

A man sees a woman as an object because he looks at her clothes. People will try to get into her head and tell her you should wear this or you should wear that to protect yourself from men. This is all a lie. Women get up in the morning to get dressed and that should stay the way it is. Men wake up in the morning with the responsibility of looking at women as a human being regardless of the clothes she wears.

A woman should feel safe and comfortable with the clothes she wears. She is more than her clothes and her body. Women are not sexual objects and we do not reduce them to that.

Whatever attention a woman deserves, it’s not because of her hourglass or figure or her sexy dresses. Attention should be given to her because of her personality and intelligence. Let her be the confident and brave woman that she is. Let her inner beauty shine through. Do not treat her as the weaker sex. Treat her as the other sex.

Find out more about women empowerment by clicking on the link below.


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