“Language In Use” videos

We are always improving and looking for better ways to provide learners and teachers with video lessons that can best help them.  We think our new video lesson series which highlights important language functions, does just that.

The videos provide learners with real, highly contextualized examples of common language functions –  students are now able to practice language that is living and useful in everyday situations:  saying hello/goodbye, apologizing, expressing likes/dislikes, classroom language etc …. See them all in our course catalog or  a Pinterest page or on our most recent video browse page.

Here are some basic for teachers to use with these videos.  Download The Workbook


In the coming weeks, expect more of these useful video lessons. Please let us know if you like them!

PS.  Also know that you can see similar types of “cliplists”  on EnglishCentral. Find out how HERE.


  1. duncan Gallon says:

    David these look really helpful but for some reason I cannot download the workbook, have a tried a few times over the last 2 days. You may want to check it, It half downloads then just stops or opens a blank page. Could you please email it to me. Duncan



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