Featured Video: Growing Up: What Do We Fear?

fear1If I had it my way, I’d stay a kid forever. When I was about to reach my 20th birthday, I got a little panicky. I do NOT want to get older. I don’t want to face the realities of this world. I do not want adult responsibilities. I just, I do not want to get older.

A few years later, it hit me. I am getting older. This is what I’ll feel like for the rest of my life so unless I don’t accept it, I will always feel sad about it. I then realized that I am not afraid of growing up, I was afraid that I’d grow up. I will soon bid farewell to fun and games and pranks. Gone are the days when I can bathe in the rain and stomp my feet on puddles of water. Goodbye nightlife and hello to work life.

Now that I have accepted the fact that I can’t go back in time, I realized another thing. I make my own choices. I choose to have fun at this age. Age is just a number but experience is a lifetime. Who cares if I do stupid but fun things at 30 or 40? Sure, I’m less than thrilled to reach 30 or 40 but my life will continue for a longer time and I’m going to make the most out of it. The “me” today is much more fun and happy than the “me” five years ago. I refuse to grow up and grow old if I can’t life my life to the fullest. This is what I think all of us should think of. We can always look back and remember the life we used to have but open our eyes and seek adventure in the future.

I’m 25 and on my succeeding days, I’ll convince myself to learn how to whistle. Stupid? Yes. But I choose to make myself stupid at this age because there is nothing else I should fear moving forward.

What do I fear growing up? None.

Find out out more on why you shouldn’t be afraid of growing up by clicking on the link below.


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