Helping Typhoon Haiyan Survivors

Dear EnglishCentral members,

Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering from Super Typhoon Haiyan. It has caused so much devastation and everyone at EnglishCentral has been following the events with great interest and emotion.  We have  EnglishCentral staff in the Philippines and a close connection and commitment to this beautiful country.

Our office staff in Manila has been busy collecting donations and sending food and supplies to the affected region.  We will be doing more in the weeks to come and will share more info. here on the blog.

We ask all our readers who can, to  donate through The Philippines Red Cross.   It is the most trusted organization and we know donations will immediately make a difference and go to the people in need. 

Let’s all do our own little part to help as we can.  Thank you for helping make the world a smaller, safer, more compassionate place.



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