Featured Video: What’s in a Name?

cool-names-5111First impressions last. Sometimes, your first name can give more than just an impression. We might not notice it but people sometimes judge other people not because of their looks but because of their name. It doesn’t sound too important but Richard Wiseman,  a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire says, “Your name can influence the assumptions that other people make about your character and background, and thus the chances you are given in life.”

Names can really make a difference in our lives. If we have less than desirable names now, worthy of an eyebrow raise, we only have our parents to thank for that (or not). Some even say that if your name sounds intelligent and successful, you’re more likely to act one and become one. Imagine a super feminine name like Isabella doing the super masculine job of Butch or Max. Sounds wrong in all ways, right?

In your lifetime, you would have probably Googled the meaning of your name. It might sound awesome for others, while it might appear as blah for some. Mine translates to the super duper cool “the family of kings”. What does yours say?

Find out more about the meaning of names by clicking on the link below.


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