Learning Vocabulary

EnglishCentral is a leader in helping students learn the words they need to successfully communicate.   Students can both study words in the context of the video and learn vocabulary immersively (an extensive approach)  or study words in depth through wordlists/quizzes (intensive approach).

Here is a quick video screencast showing all the ways to build vocabulary on EnglishCentral.


  1. Hide2010 says:

    Hello. I believe the vocabulary/world list of EnglishCentral needs a revamp. It’s not really most attractive feature within the whole EnglishCentral system, is it? In fact, it just follows a very traditional way of learning words, i.e flash card method: you get a list of words you want to learn, you are presented with a word from the list, and you answer the meaning of the word, or the other way around – you are given the meaning of a word, and you guess what the word is. It’s still ok, but do you really need to have this as it is now?

    First question: why only focus on the meaning/spelling of the words here? Why pronunciation is totally ignored? It’s strange, isn’t it, because I believe the biggest reason why many of us use EnglishCentral is that this is the best tool on the web to learn pronunciation, after all. I am talking about how the words go on to the list and how they are sorted and presented. I know you are tracking how we are pronouncing each “sound” – then why not tracking how we are pronouncing each “word”? Why a user, then, cannot have the word list sorted by the failure/success rate in pronouncing each word?

    This way, for example, one can have words which are most difficult for him/her to pronounce at the top of the list, and s/he can concentrate his/her effort on practicing these words. You click one of the words, and you get, say, 10 video segments containing the word, and you can practice the pronunciation of the word by reading/recording the segments, just like usual.

    We should not even have to select the words that go on to the list. You track the success/failure rate of the words pronounced, and the difficult words (for each user) appear on the list automatically. You practice the pronunciation of a word, the success/failure rate for the word improves, and the word goes down the list, while other words with poorer rates go up.

    Second, why not letting us create multiple/custom word lists, instead of just one word list, which we have now? Let’s say I want to improve my pronunciation of words which contain “L” sound, especially the ones which have “L” in the middle or the end of the word, because such “L” sound are pronounced differently from the “L” sound at the beginning of words. So I want have a word list which I can select and put in only words that contains “L” in the middle and the end, for example, “tall”, “pal,” “school”, “cold”, “hold”, etc. etc. Whenever I feel like practicing the words with such “L”, I select this list, and again the list gives you several video segments for each word for you to practice. I want to have some another list, this time for example, that holds words which have “a” sound as in “cat” but at the same time have “-an-“, “-am-” ” -ang-” spelling within the words (because such “a” sound is pronounced slightly differently as “a” in “cat.”)

    I am of course not asking you to create those lists for us. I am asking to give us freedom to create as many custom lists as we want, to which we can add whatever words we want to add and practice. And what’s more – if we can share these custom lists that you have created with others EnglishCentral users, that must be great.

    I know you have been always improving the EnglshCentral website, and maybe someone is already working on similar ideas as I discussed above – I am still hopeful, and grateful if you could share us what your ideas on how the vocabulary list is going to be improved.

    Thank you,
    best regards,


    • ddeubel says:

      Thank you for your comprehensive reply and suggestions. Very welcome!

      A few comments about them.

      1. Pronunciation of words. Point taken. However students already can click on any word and hear its pronunciation and self study that word within the video, the sounds broken down by phoneme. Can also “favorite” the words and create a list of just these trouble words. We also have pronunciation courses focused on the problematic sounds for students. Look in our courses or students can click the pronunciation profile at the top right and click any phoneme and get a course right on that page.

      2. Lists. We hear your suggestions. We will be looking at more ways to customize and make both video lesson playlists and wordlists. It’s on our product roadmap. So please be patient. Also yes, the sharing of play/word lists is a must idea.

      I’m passing your comment on to our product team for consideration and review. Know our members ideas are taken seriously! Thanks.

      The EnglishCentral Team


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