Featured Video: It’s Halloween Again

Underground-Metal-Halloween-editionI looked up at the sky. The thick clouds covered the pale round moon as it shyly shone its light on the street. I stood on the front porch with my bat, ready to hit the lifeless creatures slowly pacing towards my direction. The air was so dry I could barely get a hold of the lump in my throat let alone the only weapon I have on my hands. I hear nothing but my pounding heart as if someone was angrily hammering on the walls. My grip tightened. I knew they were coming. It’s my life that’s on the line. Never in my life did I ever think of killing someone, but here I am holding in my hands the only thing that could probably save me. It’s now or never I thought to myself. It’s kill or get killed.

Sounds like something you already read in a horror novel? It sounds cliche but once again, it’s this time of the year where a baby’s laughter in your bedroom is the last thing you want to hear. Halloween also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve, traces its roots from Celtic origins where ancient pagans believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead would come together and the deceased would come back to life. Scary isn’t it?

But for us modern people, Halloween is the perfect time to flaunt makeup-ing skills and show to everyone your crazy creative skills with masks and spooky costumes. Children are allowed to roam free on the streets, carrying pumpkin-shaped baskets asking for candy for trick-or-treat. Aside from the hospital, hemophobes or people who have extreme fear of blood, shouldn’t go out on the streets if they don’t want to see  fake blood all over people’s faces.

Halloween has evolved around the world that it has actually become the third most celebrated holiday after Christmas and Easter. Urban legends, scary folklore, and creatures of the night become the talk of the town and why wouldn’t it? This is the only time of the year where you get spooked out of your wits so come on and join the celebration.

Happy Halloween everyone! And by the way, make sure your doors are closed and keep the lights open. You’ll never know what’s inside your house.

Find out more about All Hallows’ Eve by clicking on the link below.


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