Top Pronunciation Challenges For Arabic Speakers

arabicWe have launched a new pronunciation course aimed specifically to help students whose first language is Arabic:  Top 10 Pronunciation Challenges for Arabic Speakers.

The course provides remedial practice for the main phonemes / sounds that Arabic speakers find hard to pronounce in English.

The selected phonemes are based on our own comprehensive data of student recordings, published research and also our own discussions with EnglishCentral teachers who are teaching students whose L1 is Arabic.  The phonemes are:

p    /     V     /   ɛ   /   ə  /   ʒ  /  r   /   θ   /    tʃ   /    ŋ    /    l  /

Visit the course here and it’s easy to assign it to your class page for students to study – just click “Add To Class” and select the class you want to add it to (make sure you are signed in with a teacher account – you’ll see a TEACH tab at the top of the page).



  1. Hi! I’ve been teaching pronunciation to Arabs and Egyptians. I agree that “P” is a difficulty for them. I will recommend this to my students. They will surely find this very helpful.


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