Featured Video: How to Get Rich


We all know that the best things in life are free but we also do know that life would be so much nice if we had a lot of money.

Here are some of the things that I would do if I were super duper rich:

1. I would have Oprah narrate my entire life story and my everyday life.

Imagine the famous former talk show host narrate your rags to riches story and how you achieved success from all your hard work. She would tell every detail of my life including my favorite sleeping position, the breakfasts I eat, my favorite t-shirts, etc. Well, no matter how rich I may be, she surely won’t do this because she’s doesn’t need my money but you could just imagine how awesome it would be!

2. Every room in my house would have a theme of its own.

I have the money so why not experiment with your own house and decorate your walls and furniture with a variety of Aztec, Mediterranean, Futuristic, Renaissance, Glass, Eastern, and Western decors and design. You are dining in a Greek setting with Renaissance-themed walls holding glass utensils while eating Eastern food and listening to rock music. How cool is that?

3. I would have an island named after me.

No further explanation needed. That’s just how rich I am. I can buy my own island and name it after me.

4. There would be free education in most countries.

Impossible feat? No. Not really. If your heart is in it and it’s something that will benefit the greater good. Kindness will find its way to help you achieve that dream for the less fortunate. I’m not all that shallow of course. There might be selfish stuff that you’d probably do and buy if you have the money but charity work and donating money for those in dire need of help is priceless.

How about you? What would you do to get rich? What would you do if you had lots and lots of money?

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