EnglishCentral & Meten English Partner


Meten English Launches EnglishCentral at 32 Centers in China

EnglishCentral’s largest deployment in China with over 20,000 students. 

Boston, MA and Shenzhen, China, June 20, 2013 – METEN English, one of the fastest growing private English language schools in China, today announced the launch of EnglishCentral’s innovative English learning platform at its 32 centers for over 20,000 students throughout China. EnglishCentral, a Google Ventures funded company, uses the latest in speech recognition and cloud-based video delivery technology to create a fun and effective way to improve English speaking ability.

METEN English caters to China’s growing business elite. The 32 centers in China provide a high-end cafe like learning environment for learning English, designed to encourage out of class interactions as well as in-class learning. With the addition of EnglishCentral, METEN English now offers a powerful way for its students to practice speaking, track their progress and get instant feedback online, 24/7, in their homes or on the road.

“Thanks to this new partnership, we’re able to offer the most advanced speech training platform for our students, customized to the learning habits of Chinese,” said Alan Pang, COO of METEN English. “Our learners love EnglishCentral because it’s fun as well as effective. The trendy content and Karaoke-like scoring system are far more engaging than any other online speaking and listening practice. EnglishCentral is one of the key support components for METEN’s proven “ACTS” teaching methodology.”

The online courses METEN English offers on EnglishCentral range from beginner courses to a VIP course designed for advanced business people. Students can preview lessons for their upcoming classes with teachers, and then practice listening, speaking and improve their pronunciation after class. Teachers are able to monitor student progress using EnglishCentral’s learning management system, which tracks students’ vocabulary and pronunciation, and allows teachers to listen-in and comment on student speaking sessions.

“We are thrilled to have METEN English as a partner to introduce EnglishCentral’s video and speech assessment technologies to the Chinese market,” said Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral. “As an effort to further support the growing business demand in China, we are also excited to add John Poon, as our China Market Director, to lead the sales and support program in China.” John Poon previously led Nuance Communications’ market leading speech recognition business in China, and brings a wealth of knowledge about deploying complex speech system in China.

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About METEN English

METEN ENGLISH was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of offering the most effective English language learning service to learners. Since then METEN English has expanded to the major cities throughout China, with over 2000 teaching and administrative employees including 350 Foreign English teachers and 400 local Chinese English teachers. Each METEN ENGLISH center is equipped with state of the art equipments, including a coffee bar, theatre, library, computer lab area with internet access and spacious classrooms that allow students to study in a comfortable and relaxing environment. METEN ENGLISH’s curriculum is unique and extremely effective for Chinese students. To learn more, please visit http://www.enguo.com.

About EnglishCentral
EnglishCentral makes improving English language skills fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences. EnglishCentral students can choose from thousands of engaging videos, learn words through our interval-based learning system, and then speak and get instant feedback using our proprietary speech assessment technology. Students from over 100 countries have spoken over 100 million lines through the EnglishCentral platform. EnglishCentral Inc. is backed by Google Ventures and Atlas Ventures and headquartered in Arlington, Massachusetts. For more information, go to http://www.englishcentral.com.

Press contacts:

John Poon
Market Director for China
+ 86 15626079199

Alan Schwartz
CEO, EnglishCentral
+1 617-999-0711

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