Featured Video: Holly: The Pet Therapy Dog

Me_and_My_Guide_Dog___photosWe leave them in our houses for long hours yet they don’t get mad at us when we return after leaving them. Money and friends come and go but dogs are here to stay. It is very cliche but dogs really are man’s best friend.

It might sound a little sad but I know there has been a point when we probably shared our little secrets or problems to them because they won’t tell anyone and they won’t judge us. They would just sit straight, look us in the eye, wag their tails and lick us on the face. Who doesn’t love dogs? They’re probably the best companions at home. You will never get lonely if you have a dog at home. They will just sit quietly when we’re busy and they wouldn’t complain.

Dogs are not just moving house ornaments that we buy for aesthetics. A lot of dogs guard homes and alert families from strangers and intruders. Some of them help the disabled to make life a lot easier. Trained ones can assist disabled people in a lot of things from safekeeping up to household chores. They will forgive you if you forget to play, feed, or walk them and would never hold you against your mistakes. The bottom line is dogs are always there for us day in and day out and they would love us and continue to be your best friend no matter what.

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