EnglishCentral launches with Siwon School Max


Boston, USA and Seoul, S.Korea

EnglishCentral launches with Siwon School Max in Korea

Over 3,500 subscribers in the 1st month of launch.

EnglishCentral and Siwon School today announced that Siwon School Max  (www.siwonschoolmax.com) launched in Korea last month has attracted over 3,500 paying members in its first month.

Siwon School Max targets beginner learners who specifically want to improve their speaking skills. The site’s learning methodology combines Siwon School’s famous video on demand (VOD) lectures with EnglishCentral’s speech training and assessment platform. The EnglishCentral platform has been adapted to Siwon’s unique learning approach, focusing on repetition of simple phrases and encouraging speech practice as often as possible as part of the student’s study program.

Siwon School Max also includes EnglishCentral content covering over 23 topics and 1,600 video lessons so students can find topic areas of interest to supplement the more structured learning tied to the VOD  lectures.

siwon“I’m delighted by the way Siwon has adapted our platform for their learner base, and equally delighted with the results from the first month since launch,”  commented Alan Schwartz,  EnglishCentral’s Founder & CEO.   “This clearly shows that online learners in Korea are eager for speaking practice, and will pay for such services if the learning experience is designed correctly.”

About EnglishCentral

EnglishCentral, Inc., based in Arlington, Massachusetts, makes improving English language skills fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences.  EnglishCentral users not only watch videos, they speak them and receive instant, personalized pronunciation feedback from proprietary speech technology via its cloud-based system. EnglishCentral has raised more then $12M from Google Ventures and the major mobile carriers SK Telecom in Korea and NTT in Japan. For more information, visit www.englishcentral.com.

About Siwon School

Siwon School has been leading the market in teaching basic English to pre-beginners for the past 8 years. Siwon’s Schools CEO, Mr. Lee, has created unique lectures for users who had given up on trying to speak English. Siwon’s unique learning methods allows even those who have failed in the past with English to make progress and improve. The results have been phenomenal with over 400,000 paid users in Korea and 170,000 user testimonials. Siwon also won the Grand Prize for the Hit Brand Award sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the National Brand Committee on 2012.

Find the Korean PR here.

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