Teacher Testimonial: A Roadmap For Success

Ralph_3Ralph Cousins Assistant Professor, Pai Chai University, Daejeon, S. Korea shares with us some of his thoughts about using EnglishCentral with his Hospitality and Tourism students.

A Road Map For Teaching Success

When you are lost, you look for a road map. You can either dig through your glove compartment box, or the trunk searching for that one elusive atlas, or quickly open a phone app with a GPS locator. I learned to get with the times!

It’s the summer of 2011, and I am looking for a road map for the following fall semester. I was to begin my search from left to right and from top to bottom on the first of ten bookshelves at the local book store. Tell me you haven’t been there!

That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to EnglishCentral. With fifteen years of English language teaching experience, I said “Game over!”

In brief, if you’re searching for A ROAD MAP for next semester, I recommend EnglishCentral because:

Appealing:  it’s appealing to students of the Y and Z (Digital) Generations.

Relationship: you develop a relationship with ALL students outside the class as well through online teacher – student interaction.

Organized: ALL students are organized, including those who miss class or cannot attend your physical class during the semester.

Authentic: there are loads of authentic video, which enriches class content.

Dynamic: the videos open up new energy and ideas in the classroom.

Manageable: classroom content focuses on 3 or 4 videos per week.

Accessible: students have access 24/7 to both the videos, and their course progress.

Practice: there is unlimited practice at the click of a button. Extra credit videos can be included.

Get on course with EnglishCentral, or good luck surfing those bookshelves. Cheers to all!

Download As A PDF

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