A Short History Of The Language Learning Lab

Here at EnglishCentral, we often get asked about our pricing for “a computer lab”.   Either a set price for each machine or for a whole lab full of computers.  While we do work with schools and businesses that follow this model – we don’t operate along these lines. Our pricing is based on student access.  Students can use EnglishCentral outside of the class or lab and the role of the language lab is changing.  Today, the lab rightly is a place where students can access a computer and work on their assignments at a set place and time. However, EnglishCentral allows students to also study independently and complete assignments anywhere/anytime. That means on holiday, after dinner, at Starbucks, wherever.

The role of the language learning lab is changing.  Here’s an infographic we put together with a general overview of how the language learning lab has changed over time.   My how things have changed!

phoneFrom this                                                    to this                                                            to this!

short history of the computer lab


  1. It is very helpful post,with a good English language lab, you make a lot of difference in your life.

    Thanks for sharing…….



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