Featured Video: This is 200 Calories

SAD dietLet’s face it. Cheeseburgers, cakes, soft drinks, steak: they’re all so tasty and delicious and….deadly.

Calories are not bad for you. We need calories every day for energy but too much of it can lead to weight gain. In the US, two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Healthy living is not about counting calories in the food we eat but making sure that the foods we eat are healthy.

Let us compare the foods we eat shall we? A half bar of Snickers is equal to eating three white chicken eggs, which is also equal to eating almost three apples. If you you’re going for energy, then go with the apples, it’s the safer food route if you ask me. A tablespoonful slice of butter is equal to a plate full of broccoli, which is equal to one and a quarter pieces of hot dog, which is equal to two red onions, which is equal to a glass of whole milk. I know that the sentence is too long to digest but so is four pieces of flax bread which is equal to 3/4ths of a blueberry muffin, which is equal to a tablespoon of peanut butter which is also equal to a bunch of grapes.

Do you see the point here? It’s not always about the food we eat but it’s in the amount of food that we take. Three pieces of bacon is equal to a plate full of carrots. What if you eat a whole pound of bacon for breakfast with lots of M&Ms  and processed milk? Can you just imagine how much food you’re digesting? If you don’t burn these calories, it will just turn into fat. Remember that’s it’s okay to eat sinful mouthfuls of food but, in moderation. It won’t hurt to eat a Snickers bar as long as you eat leafy veggies and as long as you don’t eat chocolates every day.

Find out more about calories in the food we eat by clicking on the link below.


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