Celebrating 10,000 EnglishCentral University Learners

ec announcement

EnglishCentral Japan announced that over 10,000 university students will use the Premium Academic Product this fall semester.

“Japanese universities now understand that strong oral language skills are as important for their students careers as scoring high on English exams.   As a result, the sale of EnglishCentral premium plans for the university market has exploded over the last two years,” said EnglishCentral Japan General Manager Hirofumi Matsumura.  “The growth is driven by the support of teachers who have tried our product and seen the results with their students’ speaking ability.”

As a way to say thank you for all the support, we are offering a FREE SUMMER COURSE for Japanese learners. Click on the link below to register. You’ll have your free premium access within two days of enrollment.


Anybody — whether a middle school student, a company employee, or an adult planning a trip overseas,– may try out EnglishCentral Premium for free for one month. Give it a try, ten minutes a day for guaranteed results!

If you are a teacher interested to join the growing number of schools adapting EnglishCentral, give us a call at 050-3802-3236 or contact us. We are more than happy to share how EnglishCentral can transform your classroom experience.

View the original press release of this announcement in Japanese HERE.

Japan Office

  • Miyajima Building 5F, 2-3-12 Kaminarimon,
    Tokyo 111-0034
    Tel. 050-3802-3236
    Fax: 050-3802-3237
  • teachers@englishcentral.com

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