EnglishCentral Superuser: Zorro

Member Name: Zorro Premium since 9.25.11 #1 rank:  French Speakers

Member Name: Zorro
Premium since 9.25.11
#1 rank: French Speakers

Hi. My name is Max. By way of introduction, I am 40 years old and I live in New Caledonia, the wonderful French island in the South Pacific. I am a banker and I work for an international bank as head of corporate banking. My English language knowledge is very useful in my business also when I visit countries close to New Caledonia like Australia or New Zealand for vacation.

I learned my first English words when I was a child at primary school. But the first teacher I had was not kind and gave me a bad feeling about this language. I was afraid of my teacher; I had not appetite to discover English. So, I stayed far away from this language for a long time.

Meanwhile, I was studying Spanish and I was becoming fluent. I have an MSc in Finance and during my university program I needed to practice only written English. So, I passed my exams without really improving my overall fluency.

A few years ago, I began to feel embarrassed at not being a good English speaker. My English skills needs improvement and my travels all around the world were getting more complicated to manage because I was not able to explain myself in good English.

So, I decided to schedule some courses. I looked for new methods. I had in mind my awful first English lessons with boring lists of irregular’s verbs. I did not want to restart my courses in the same way. In that sense, I did not enroll in English lessons at the workplace of my company.

z1One day, I found the website of EnglishCentral. I tried it and immediately I was feeling good with it. The tools (subtitles, pronunciations feedback…), the interesting videos, all seemed to be very efficient. So I was beginning to drive my learning on EnglishCentral.

I never have been sensitive of my ranking or top scores regarding EnglishCentral. My personal goal is to keep in touch with English daily. No matter my availability, (10 minutes up to 1 hour), the place where I stay or the hour of the day, I must practice. I practice a lot like that, the past couple of years.

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Several weeks ago, I received in my email box a message from English Central: it turns out that I am a superuser and they would like to know my story.

So, I wrote my history simply and truthfully, hoping it will be useful for new or future listeners to convince them to enroll on EnglishCentral I really recommend it to all who might be hesitating or have been frustrated by others conservative methods.

zI am today more comfortable in my English, I can more easily rely on my capabilities. When I travel around the world I can speak two foreign languages without major problems.

My secrets to reach my goal:  be patient, focused, persistent stay tuned and enjoy…..In no time at all with EnglishCentral you will be speaking like a native English speaker!



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