Hilary’s Story

hilaryHere’s another in our series of EnglishCentral “superusers“.   Inspiring and a great example of how once a student decides to take control of their own learning – the sky’s the limit!

Hilary ’ s   story [ Download as PDF ]

I am Hilary, living in Chongqing, China  which is famous for its dish, “hot-pot” and clouds of beauties. As a seventeen-year-old high school girl in China , I have to learn English very well in order to get into a well-known university.

Because I only started learning English in middle school, my  spoken-English was not as good as other classmates. I was afraid to put up my hand in English class because I knew my English was even poorer  than  other students in the foreign language school. I felt ashamed. And I decided to make a change. That’s  how I found out about Englishcentral —— from a recommendation of a cyber friend. I quickly logged in and it was impressive .  As my sole purpose is to improve my spoken English, the way Englishcentral works attracts me. It’s exactly what I need. By imitating the speaker’s way of talking, I can easily correct my pronunciation and notice my drawbacks. After watching one video, I knew I would stick with it.

Right now , I am preparing for my oral English exam. I am working very hard to improve my spoken English skills. I come EnglishCentral almost everyday to watch one video.  Little by little, I feel I can speak quicker and  gain confidence to speak with others.

I always use my computer to practice. And I do it at home .

I have had many English teachers but what they do seems to do nothing to improve my spoken English.  I realize that English learning is a continuing process , especially with oral fluency. Teachers can help me with my reading , listening  and writing  but they cannot help me massively change my accent or speech. They  can only listen to me occasionally, so it’s not so helpful. But with Englishcentral, I can find out my problems actively and make them better.

My all time favorite video is called “Make It Happen”. It’s about a writer talking about how to make your dream come true. Every time,  I’ d watch this video first and then study other videos. “A beginner’s mind is an open mind, and an open mind innovates.” This is my best-loved quote from that video, and I keep it as my personal reminder.

Using Englishcentral is very convenient, because I can not only practice my spoken-English, but also study new words .  The ideas of those videos matters. Besides, Englishcentral provides me with a stage to embrace a wider world.

I’m  very glad to say I can now speak fluently in front of people and I can communicate with foreigners  well.  Most importantly, I now have confidence. I believe  I am now crazy about learning English , and Englishcentral gives me the power to keep going.

I ‘d like to introduce Englishcentral to more English learners. I am sure it’s the best tool I have ever know for learning English . It’s very important that you  be persistent because learning English is a process of accumulation .  When you have made enough efforts , you will see the difference.

Finally, I really want to thank Englishcentral for helping me and I’m flattered as a superuser to share my English learning story with you .





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