Featured Video: The Importance of Water


This is one of the few things we cannot live without: water. This is the most important resource on Earth that we need to stay alive (next to oxygen). Our bodies is approximately 60% water so we need to replenish it once it gets out of our bodies.  Our brains, our lungs, even our bodies is made up of mostly, yes, water! Water is so important that plants and animals need water to survive. It’s basically every living thing’s lifeline that once you take it away from us, no living creature would ever survive. Take a look at the Moon. There’s no life on it because it has no water.

Why is it the one thing that we cannot survive without? First of all, when you’re thirsty what do you do? You drink water, because you know it’s the right thing to do. Juice, soda, coffee, they all have water. When your pants get dirty from too much use in one week what do you do. You wash it with soap and water. There is basically water in everything you see. There’s water in construction. There’s water in cooking. It’s such an important gift to us but the sad thing about it is that clean water has tag prices written all over them. As humans, we should take care of the most important resource on our planet because we cannot replace what’s already lost. 75% of the Earth’s composition is water but only 1% is usable to us. If we do not take care of it, there will come a time that the water we bathe in will have a price attached to it.

If you think the biggest problem around the world is having enough food and oil supply, poverty, education, or the increasing population, think again. The biggest problem might just be in front of you.

Find out more the importance of water by clicking on the link below.


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