Superuser Wang Ming from China

My name is Tom. I am nearly 50 and I live in Shenyang, the biggest city in northeast China. I am a diesel engine and heavy equipment engineer. My profession gives me the opportunity to communicate in English.


I have been studying English as far as I can remember. From primary school to college, working after school, and have always been very interested in studying English but I didn’t see much improvement. I felt fatigue and sadness.

However, I didn’t give up and always searched for resources to study English, including lots of textbooks and videos in bookstores and online. I’ve spent a lot of time practicing my reading and listening. I also went to an English school for a short time. I did get high marks and improved my testing skills. But I have to admit that despite getting perfect scores, this is not what I really want. I want the actual ability to speak English.

It finally happened to me, one summer day in 2012 when I was looking for some articles on Voice of America, (VOA) like I do usually. This is where I saw the link for EnglishCentral. I signed up.

EnglishCentral made an impression on me because of its teaching model. I mean, with voice teaching, the student could practice their speaking and listening over and over while EnglishCentral directs. I realized at once that this is what I wanted because I know it is vital in practice speaking even though I didn’t know how to study and what material I should use. I just went on finding what’s fitting and see the results along the way. There were so many videos, I didn’t know where to begin. It was really very difficult for me at first so I started with videos marked “easy” and I did not even dare to click on the mid or difficult videos even though they seemed interesting to me. I planned to start  from the easy videos.

I have some spare time and thought this is good because I can study English at home everyday. In fact, I was so interested in the videos in the first two months that I just found out later that I have made a lot of progress and this made me feel very excited! I began to develop confidence to continue this process until the end of 2012 and that’s when I decided to upgrade to a premium account. I thought it must be better to have a system in training. It was a wonderful feeling to get control of working on my pronunciation skill. (view ranking)

mingwang ranking

It is difficult to say which kind of video is better because they are all different. I have finished more than one thousand videos. I want to say that Social English is my favorite topic. I am fond of the course – Debate It. I am also fond of the Food topic because I lack knowledge in words about food. I also feel that the videos in Media English are very fine. One of the videos here is about a star from the show “Lost”.

One time, my friend told me, “It is amazing! Your English has improved a lot!” I am definitely sure that I can listen and understand Easy videos for the first or second time without looking at the caption. Of course, I still find some videos difficult.

I think my reading ability has improved as well. It mainly shows when I browse some newspaper articles. I go over them smoothly and faster than before! It is important that I have confidence and know how to improve my English level through training. I’ve also never written like these many words to express my idea about studying English. I know I am still not good enough today, but I am sure I will be in the future.

Download this as a PDF: Wang Ming China

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