Featured Video: Thank a Teacher

Confused Scientist in Front of Blackboard

After everything they do for you, it’s easy to say “thank you.”

They are our second parents. They look after us when we’re not at home. In fact, we see them more in a day than we see our parents.  We spend a lot of time with them and them with us. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to these A+ heroes. Teachers make great compasses. They guide us in every direction we’re heading and they never grow tired of helping us go to that direction.

To all the teachers out there, we thank you for everything you’ve done, you will remain dear in our hearts, and you’ll forever be our number one. Their profession teaches all professions. Without teaching, there would be no computer science, law, or engineering.

To all the Mr. Banks and the Mrs. Murdochs out there, thank you. You helped us become the best of whatever we are.

Find out more about giving thanks and showing appreciation by clicking on the link below.


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