Introducing our #1 learner in Brazil!

brazilMy name is Rosangela. I was born in Jaguariúna, the countryside of São Paulo State, Brazil. 15 years ago I moved to Curitiba, the south region of Brazil, where I still live.

Even though Brazil is a huge country, with many interesting places to visit, I also enjoy traveling abroad.The US, Europe, Caribbean and Tahiti are among some places I’ve been to.Visiting different countries has always been a great experience, and that’s why learning English became important.

I started studying English around 5 years ago, trying different schools and methods.

The time needed for improving fluency and pronunciation skills vary from student to student, and sometimes regular schools are unable to provide enough time flexibility. This gets even worse for students that are scared or shy of speaking in front of other people. With little time to practice in class and not feeling comfortable when speaking poor English with other people, most simply give up.

I used to have a teacher, but with limited time I couldn’t practice without hurry. I couldn’t repeat the words as much as I needed. Personally I didn’t have a satisfactory improvement until a friend of mine introduced me to the EnglishCentral.

Now I practice on a daily basis – after work and during weekends. At any time I want. It is possible to choose the video subject, which makes the learning process easier. I also like the vocabulary sessions, which has proven to help me understand the meaning of each new word.  I like videos about destination my favorite video is   Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer in 3 D. It’s a wonderful city in Brazil.


I am convinced this tool can also help other people to improve their skills, just like it did for me.

I would like to express my appreciation on your initiative to create and maintain such tool.  Thank a lot for helping me to improve my English.

                                                                           Rosangela Granchelli Fortun

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