Fukui University adopts EnglishCentral

University_of_Fukui_logoEnglishCentral was recently invited to the opening ceremony of the new Language Development Center at Fukui University where it was announced that Fukui University will use EnglishCentral this coming academic school year.  The following is a press statement released by the university to the media (see the original)

The University of Fukui (UF) is proud to be the first national university to adopt EnglishCentral for all of its first-year students. EnglishCentral will be part of  its newly revised English curriculum. By far EnglishCentral is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical English language online program available on the market today. Further, its state-of-the-art, high-tech design is not only stunning in its appeal and efficiency, but also it enables instructors to monitor student progress effectively and easily, both on an individual and group basis.


EnglishCentral is creating specific courses to be used within particular University of Fukui courses.  Our new curriculum integrates all 4 skills in every class within a vocabulary-centered foundation. EnglishCentral’s capability to meet our institutional needs is invaluable.

As a result, we will gauge student progress across a semester or a year–or longer–by administration of a  pre- and post- TOEIC tests for the very first time at the University of Fukui. What’s more, the consistent support from EnglishCentral staff members will provide a rich resource for instructors and students alike.

At the University of Fukui, we strongly believe that acquiring a foreign language has to take into account a systematic approach to vocabulary learning according to word frequency, and do so seriously across the entire English language curriculum. The EnglishCentral approach to vocabulary learning is unrivalled.

Undeniably, for young learners of English as a foreign language today, EnglishCentral surpasses all of its competitors on every level: the creation of customized curriculum for individual institutions, content delivery, a diversity of activities, excellent appearance and interfacing, and significant learning outcomes. On the global level on which it operates, EnglishCentral is the most serious online English language learning program available.

Hirofumi Matsumura, Director of  EnglishCentral Japan stated;.

“I’m really glad to hear about that National University of Fukui opened the Language Development Center, which expresses  the dream of learning language.To help them achieve their goal, we are going to support and measure the effectiveness of the program much more.

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