Why EnglishCentral?

whyecWe get asked a lot by teachers and students alike – why EnglishCentral?  What makes us different and makes us stand above the crowd of online English language learning websites.

There are many possible answers;  motivating content, 24/7 access, vocabulary tools, pronunciation feedback, live tutors for open speaking practice, research proving it is effective, teaching tools …. — however the answer is really much simpler:

We  are busy preparing students for the future.

So many websites and classes don’t focus at all or enough on what students need for the 21st century international workplace:  strong oral language proficiency.  

Other places and classes, you’ll memorize and study words, you’ll write essays and check off boxes of “right answers”  yet no other website is really preparing you for a future focused on clear, concise, intelligible communication between speakers from different language groups.  The future is not a world of the written script or the receptive – it is a world for those who can speak and communicate their ideas, the productive.

The future is now and now, we communicate with a click of a button across an ocean. We don’t write long reports in English – we “present reports” and articulate ideas among our peers. We speak “internationalese”, an English that must be clear and understandable given that a German may be speaking with a person from Vietnam and an Eritrean about the cost of copper in Chile (I don’t exaggerate, that’s a real example).

On EnglishCentral, we give students the ability to focus and develop their listening and speaking skills and be prepared for the workplace of the 21st century, the workplace that is here and now.  That is why EnglishCentral is so valuable and that is the answer we give when asked, “Why EnglishCentral?”

Listen to this Korean student’s story and her struggles to learn English as she studied in Canada. She’s come a long way but what  if she had had EnglishCentral when she was younger? How much more would she be prepared to communicate in English with others from around the world?


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