Let’s Talk About Love

How do you define love? Let’s learn how to express our views about this universal feeling. Watch, learn, and speak the beautiful video “The Meaning of Love.”

the meaning of love

How to study English with this video:


First, look at how the basic sentences are structured. You will see that the structure is SUBJECT+ VERB + OBJECT: “Love is family.”

Second, look at how the longer sentences are structured. You will see that after the basic structure, there are added details that answer the questions “where” or “for what” or “for who”. For example, “Love is there…(for what?)”. The answer is, “Love is there to hold us.” Another example is “It’s the most powerful thing…(where?)”. The answer is, “It’s the most powerful thing on the planet.”


Thirdly, learn your vocabulary. Look at which words are used to describe love. Then you can get your own ideas on how to define love.


Lastly, be familiar on how to pronounce the words in each sentence. Also, speak these lines so that you can practice communicating with correct sentence structures.

After studying the video, try answering this question: What do you think is the meaning of love?

Happy learning!

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